How to Take a Dog RV Living-RV Life Safety Tips and Must Have Camping Gear for Dogs

How to Take a Dog RV Living-RV Life Safety Tips and Must Have Camping Gear for Dogs

Embarking on the open road with your four-legged companion adds a unique charm to RV life. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the essentials, safety measures, and delightful experiences to have best camping with dogs and make RV living an unforgettable adventure for both you and your loved puppies.

1. Choosing a Best Camping dogs

Consider Breed Characteristics:

Energy Level: Opt for a breed with energy levels suited for outdoor activities. Breeds like Labrador Retrievers or Australian Shepherds often thrive in the outdoors.

Size: Choose a size compatible with RV life. Smaller breeds may be more adaptable to pup camping.

Temperament: Look for a dog with a calm and adaptable temperament, making them well-suited for travel.

Adaptability: Assess your dog's adaptability to varied environments, considering weather tolerance and terrain preferences.

Age and Health: Ensure your dog is in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations before hitting the road.

2. Preparation before RV Living with Dogs

Understanding Campground Rules:

Leash Policies: Check leash regulations at your planned campgrounds. Some may require dogs to be on a leash at all times.

Waste Disposal: Be aware of waste disposal rules and ensure you clean up after your dog.

Vet Checkup: Schedule a vet visit to confirm your dog is in optimal health for the journey. Update vaccinations and obtain a health certificate.

ID and Microchipping:

Updated Tags: Ensure your dog wears an ID tag with your contact information. 

Microchip Registration: Double-check that your dog's microchip information is current in case of separation.

Travel Kit: Pack essentials such as food, water bowls, medications, and comfort items for your dog.

Training Refresher:

Basic Commands: Reinforce basic commands like sit, stay, and recall to ensure your dog responds promptly.

Leash Manners: Brush up on leash manners, as proper leash behavior is crucial in shared camping spaces.

3. Safety Tips for Dogs in RV Life

Secure Seats During Travel:

Travel Harness: Invest in a secure travel harness that attaches to the seatbelt, preventing your dog from moving around during the journey.

Crating Option: For smaller dogs, consider using a well-ventilated crate secured during RV life.

Hot Day Awareness: Limit outdoor activities on hot days and ensure proper ventilation inside the RV to prevent overheating.

Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself with emergency vet contacts and keep a comprehensive first aid kit.

Comfortable Rest Area:

Cozy Bedding: Provide comfortable bedding in the RV to ensure your dog has a dedicated and comfortable rest area.

Familiar Smells: Bring items with familiar scents to help your dog feel at ease in the new environment.

Interactive Travel Toys: Keep your dog mentally stimulated during travel with interactive toys like puzzle feeders.

best camping dogs

4. Must-Have Dog Camping Gear

Specialized Tents and Bedding:

Dog-Friendly Tent: Invest in a tent designed for dogs, providing a cozy and sheltered space in RV life.

Portable Bedding: Choose compact and portable bedding options for comfort without taking up too much space.

Collapsible Food Bag: Use FXW collapsible dog food bag that saves storage space in RV life and ensures your dog food keeps dry.

Compact Toys: Bring your dog's favorite toys to provide comfort and familiarity.

Doggy Backpack:

Light Cargo: Train your dog to carry a small backpack with essentials like their own water, food, and a collapsible bowl.

Distributing Weight: Distribute weight evenly to ensure your dog is comfortable while carrying the backpack.

Portable Dog Bed: Choose a portable dog bed that is easy to set up and provides insulation from the ground.

Camping Fence for Dogs:

Playpen Style: Consider a playpen-style camping dog fence for flexibility in creating a safe space. Portable outdoor fences are easy to set up and provide a secure RV living area.

FXW Rollick Playpen offers both security and freedom, with its features like stability on different terrains and weather-resistant materials.

FXW has storage stuff like Fence Bags and easy carry straps for storing fences, to ensure the convenience in RV life too.

5. Daily Care in RV Life

Establish a Routine:

Consistent Feeding Times: Stick to regular feeding times to maintain your dog's digestive routine. Using FXW Dog Feeding Bowl with a camping dog fence is convenient. The bowl won't be overthrown by dogs.

Structured Walks: Plan structured walks and exercise sessions to keep your dog active and content.

First Aid Kit: Assemble a comprehensive first aid kit for minor injuries or emergencies.

Grooming Essentials: Regularly brush your dog's coat to minimize shedding and prevent matting.

Paw Care: Check and clean your dog's paws after outdoor activities to remove debris and prevent discomfort.

Hydration and Nutrition:

Ample Water Supply: Ensure your dog has access to clean water throughout the day, especially during RV life.

Balanced Diet: Maintain a balanced diet, taking into account your dog's nutritional needs and activity level.

Comfort Items: Surround your dog with familiar toys and items that carry scents from home. 

Cozy Bedding: Provide comfortable bedding to create a cozy retreat during the RV life.

6. Interaction with Other Camping Dogs

Facilitate Positive Interactions:

Leash Introductions: Allow dogs to meet on-leash to gauge their initial reactions before permitting off-leash interactions.

Controlled Environment: Choose controlled spaces for dog interactions to minimize stress and ensure safety. You can use a camping dog fence to create a special play area for your dogs and their friends.

Carry Cleanup Supplies: Always carry waste bags to promptly clean up after your dog, maintaining a clean and respectful environment.

Observe Behavior Cues: Learn to interpret your dog's body language and be attentive to signs of stress or discomfort.

Positive Reinforcement:

Reward Good Behavior: Use positive reinforcement to reward your dog for good behavior during interactions.

Encourage Positive Associations: Create positive associations with other dogs, reinforcing a friendly and sociable demeanor.

7. Preventing Dog Barking

Training Techniques:

Consistent Commands: Reinforce consistent commands to manage and control your dog's barking.

Positive Reinforcement: Reward periods of quietness, encouraging positive behavior.

Effective Use of Camping Dog Fence: A well-chosen camping dog fence,  FXW Rollick Playpen, can contribute to stress reduction, minimizing separation anxiety and excessive barking.

Respect Campground Quiet Hours: Be mindful of campground quiet hours, and adjust your dog's routine accordingly.

Calming Tools:

Calming Collars: Explore the use of calming collars designed to reduce anxiety and excessive barking.

Behavioral Training: Dedicate consistent time to behavioral training to address barking triggers.

FXW Fence Bag or Easy Carry is perfect for organizing and transporting your camping dog fence with ease.

Considerate RV Life:

Soundproofing Measures: Implement soundproofing measures within the RV to minimize the impact of external stimuli.

Spatial Awareness: Be aware of your dog's spatial needs during RV life to prevent feelings of confinement that may lead to barking. Dogs don't want to be in RV all the time, so remember to give them some free area in RV life.

8. Safety and Comfort Ensurance

Secure Sleep Area:

Cozy Bedding Choices: Provide a selection of cozy bedding choices to accommodate your dog's preferences.

Familiar Scents: Include items with familiar scents to create a comfortable and reassuring sleep environment.

Temperature Regulation: Monitor and adjust indoor temperatures to ensure your dog remains comfortable, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Nighttime Routines:

Calming Bedtime Rituals: Establish calming bedtime rituals to signal the end of the day and promote a restful night's sleep.

Low-Light Environment: Create a low-light environment during nighttime hours to facilitate a restful atmosphere.

Regular Exercise: Incorporate evening walks into your routine to provide your dog with an opportunity to expend energy before bedtime.

Emergency Preparedness: Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and procedures during RV life, ensuring quick and safe evacuation if necessary.


RV living with your dog is a delightful journey filled with adventures and bonding. By prioritizing safety, comfort, and positive experiences, using a camping dog fence to create a pawfect environment for your furry friend to enjoy the wonders of the open road alongside you is an awesome choice. Safe travels!

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