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Featured Playpens

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Rollick Playpen-for Multi-scenario Use

$135.99  $169.99

Whether it's for the yard, indoors, or outdoor camping, our Rollick Playpen has you and your dogs covered.
With its flexible, easy-to-use design, it's a breeze to set up or take down, and it only takes 10 minutes to have a play sanctuary for you and your dogs!

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Homeplus Playpen-for Indoor Use

$111.99  $139.99

Designed for indoor use, our Homeplus with Zen Zone hose and Pup-Tastic socks provides the best protection for your home.
The main door panel of the Homeplus is equipped with a lowered entry gate to ensure that puppies have easy access to and from the playpen.
Color Black and White for choosing!

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Instant Playpen-for Outdoor Use

$127.99  $159.99

With Instant Playpen's two hinged panels design, setup time is halved.  Paired with our Pup Pens, it guarantees a solid ground grip and unmatched stability.
Spend less time setting up and more time playing around. Better choice for outdoor living pet-lovers!

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Accessories you must have


Playpen Storage Bags


Use our fence bag to store 8 panels, stakes and also leashes, toys, and dog treats! This set is made from weatherproof, extra durable, and stain-resistant material to get the best possible storage solution. Carry, store, and strut with ease!

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Easy-carry Straps


Using the straps to store every 8 panels, makes transporting & storing to become a breeze! The adjustable side straps are to ensure your playpen stays together as a unit and no fingers or paws being caught while transporting.

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Washable Pee Pad


This waterproof pee pad prevents dog urine spills and keeps floors clean. With its reusable material, it can be easily machine-washed, making it both convenient and eco-friendly for you.

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Travel Food Bag


The dog travel bag can store dog food and toys/accessories in the extra pocket. It can hold up to 26.5 lbs of dog food (lasting up to two weeks, for those long trips). Keep the dog food dry & clean, and save storage space with its foldable design.

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Special Gift for your Loved Ones

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Presenting the FXW Gift Card - the ideal pet-lover's surprise!

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