Indoor Fetch Frenzy | Pupgrade Your Home With Our Doggy Disaster Proof Bundle

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Indoor Fetch Frenzy | Pupgrade Your Home With Our Doggy Disaster Proof Bundle

Indoor Fetch Frenzy | Pupgrade Your Home With Our Doggy Disaster Proof Bundle

Product Description

Discover the ultimate indoor play paradise with our Indoor Fetch Frenzy bundle!

Dive into The HomePlus - our top-tier indoor playpen that has been created just for indoor use with it's rubber, ant scratch pen stake feet. Solidify safety with The Wall Buddy anchoring set to ensure the playpen stays in place and for those little accidents, trust in The Tinkle Terrace- our machine washable pee pad for pups that will allow you to not only save money on disposable pads, but also protect your floor with our 5 layers of protection. Some serious home play, levelled up.

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Package Includes

Package Includes:
  • 1 Homeplus Playpen
  • 1 Wall Buddy set (4 Pieces)
  • 1 Washable Pee Pad
Extra Accessories Included:
  • 4 Square rubber feet
  • 4 Floor protector
  • 4 Muffler tubes
  • 2 Extra screws
  • A pair of gloves

Size Guide

HomePlus Size Guide
FXW dog playpen bundle Indoor Fetch Frenzy introduction image

Easy Set Up Indoor Playpen

This Bundle Includes

FXW dog playpen bundle Indoor Fetch Frenzy Bundle Includes

Homeplus Dog Playpen

Our Homeplus comes with our Zen Zone Tubes AND Pup-Tastic Socks for the best protection your home may ask for. No more worries about loud playpen noises or scratches on the floor. The Homeplus' main gate panel comes with a lower entry door to ensure getting in and out of the playpen is easy.

FXW HomePlus Sales Points

This Bundle Includes

FXW HomePlus dog Playpen in White

The Homeplus Playpen

FXW Tinkle Terrace, Our Dog Playpen Pee Pad

The Tinkle Terrace

FXW Wall Buddy Our Durable Dog Playpen Wall Anchor

The Wall Buddy

Homeplus Dog Playpen

Our Homeplus dog playpen is specifically designed for indoors and is available in two great colors; black and white. What makes this HomePlus great for indoors is that the rods / stakes that keep the panels together is featured with a flat bottom and rubber feet so as to protect your floors. The HomePlus also comes standard with our Zen Zone Tubes and our no-threshold door panel.

FXW HomePlus Sales Points
HomePlus Indoor Dog Playpen Setup
FXW Wall Buddy Wal Anchor Setup

The Wall Buddy

By making use of our Wall Buddies, you don't just secure your playpen in place, but are also effectively double your playpen space.

FXW Wall Buddy Dog Playpen Wall Anchor Color Options

The Tinkle Terrace

Included in our bundle you'll find our eco-friendly & cost-effective Tinkle Terrace. Our indoor solution for young and older dogs having a bit of trouble controlling their excitement is perfectly sized for dog playpens up to 8 panels.

FXW Tinkle Terrace Dog Playpen Pee Pad Shapes
FXW Slogan on HomePlus Dog Playpen
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