Instant Dog Playpen for RV Trips WM

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Product Description

Take a look at The Instant playpen

Where setup time is halved with two pre-connected panels! Its elevated entry door controls eager pet dashes (also the heeby jeebies), ensuring calm entries (to the best of our abilities).

Paired with our Pup Pens, it guarantees a solid ground grip and unmatched stability, no matter how excited your fluffy buddy exhausts her-/himself in their new dedicated spot. Spend less time setting up and more time playing around with our Instant Dog Playpen.


Our Fastest dog Playpen for outdoor

Quick Setup Playpen

The patented 180° rotable hinged technology allows for quick playpen construction. Are you a bit more On the Go and want to set up and pack up in no time? Our Instant is the one for you.


Durable Material

Constructed from durable full-metal materials, this fence offers a robust and enduring enclosure for your furry friend. We recommend thoroughly inserting the metal stakes and ensuring that the tops are level with the panels for optimal sturdiness.


Gravity Latch-Lock

The gravity-action door lock ensure you can open and close the door smoothly and reduces the chance of dogs opening the door by themselves. Locking the door is as simple as pushing the gate panel against the fence and that's it!


Sturdy and Safe

The round dome design of the metal bar prevents both dogs and the users' hands from injury when setting up or in use. The rod tip design allows you to insert the stakes deep in the ground and provide in greater stability when your dogs leans against the playpen.


Reason that you need playpens while camping


Together, we unleash fun.

Provide a secure space for your dogs to play and rest. You and your dog can relax and enjoy outdoor moments together and enjoy outdoor moments together.


Difficult to rest.

Without a set area, your pet might explore anywhere, making it harder for both of you to relax.

Two options for storing your playpens

Easy-carry Straps


Storage Bags

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