Our Mission

FXW is a company dedicated to empowering our customers to establish a secure and harmonious shared environment for themselves and their pets. We accomplish this through the provision of high-quality, user-friendly pet equipment. As the trend towards affording our pets the same quality of life standards as our human family members increases, we stand in full support.


Oriented Development & Guarantees

We value the feedback of our customers and blend it with our distinctive design acumen. Pairing this with the use of human-grade certified materials and adherence to the industry's loftiest standards, we conceive pet products that are both innovative and tailored to the current market landscape. With the strength of our trusted patents, we anticipate expanding our market presence and thereby, serving an even larger global audience.

Bonding is Key

At FXW, we treasure the bond between you and your pet just as much as we do the relationship between you and us. Consequently, we place utmost importance on our Customer Service. We hold a strong belief that through effective communication, we can help you make ideal decisions tailored to your specific needs.

Yet, we understand that like any relationship, the journey isn't always seamless. Should you feel less than satisfied or inadequately informed at any point in our collaboration, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team. They stand ready to assist you with any concern or requirement you may have.

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What Makes us Different?

Consumer-driven innovation

We pride ourselves on crafting solutions for the unique needs of our customers, no matter how niche they may be. Our passion lies in innovation, not just in chasing profitable markets. We dedicate time, expertise, and resources into developing specialized accessories that address your specific needs. Reach out to us! We're committed to turning your needs into our next groundbreaking product.

Modular Design

Our pet equipment is designed to adjust seamlessly to your unique circumstances. Be it indoors, outdoors, or on-the-move, we offer the ideal playpen (along with its accessories) to equip your pet for your shared way of life.


A significant portion of our design team specialists have roots in the outdoor equipment industry. By maintaining these exceedingly high standards, we craft our pet gear to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

material Grade

Intertek certified playpens ensure top-tier safety and comfort. Expertly crafted for both kids and pets, they offer a space designed for play and relaxation. With human and pet-friendly features, our playpens stand for unmatched quality. Experience the best in safety and design today.

Natural Growth

We're not driven by the ambition to become the world's largest supplier. As passionate dog owners with a keen interest in industry development, we believe in growth that's anchored in a stellar reputation, customer-focused service, and the powerful influence of word-of-mouth. It's this approach that we trust will propel us to unprecedented levels of success.

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