Our Story

Rise during the Times

FXW came into existence during a time unlike any other – the COVID-19 pandemic. The world as we knew it had turned on its head. Simple, everyday routines that we once took for granted had now become a luxury on a rare occasion. The unexpected disruption caused by the ruthless virus forced us to retreat into the confines of our homes and this sudden change to our once organized lives brought about a whirlpool of emotions, the most common of them being a sense of insecurity.

The Realisation

Amid this unchartered chaos, we found an unexpected lifeline. Our dogs, emerged as silent warriors, helping us navigate these turbulent times. Dogs, with their uncanny ability to provide comfort and companionship, transformed into more than just pets. They became our confidantes, our sounding boards, our safe havens. They listened to our endless banter, our deepest secrets, and our most heartfelt emotions with a level of interest that seemed almost human. Their constant presence and unconditional affection were sources of great solace.

And so...it became...managable

The pandemic era marked a radical shift in our lifestyles. Working from home became the new normal and with it came pajamas, onesies, the good' ol just underwear and half worn suits turned into our everyday attire. The simplicity and comfort of superdog while staying in our homely attire were a welcome change amidst the complex changes occurring around us.

Expanding our Paradise...

The newfound reality of being with our pets 24/7 brought about its unique challenges and as much as we love them, the constant companionship could sometimes tip over to the point of being slightly overwhelming. 

So, people began to explore new ways of taking a break; Outdoor adventures leading to a surge in popularity of nearby parks, local nature reserves, backyard camping, as well as RV holidays and camping trips gained traction which were a much needed relief to our daily homestay.

Our Lightbulb

Introducing our dogs to fresh surroundings necessitated a touch of restraint, as unfamiliar terrains could pose unexpected risks. Consider the prickly shrubs, concealed potholes, unsafe ingestibles, or even lurking predators. Pair these hazards with the innate curiosity (or some might say, adorable clumsiness) of our four-legged friends, and you're on the brink of a potentially troublesome situation.

What if we could design a well-balanced, co-habitation space to allow for exploration, but within the limits of safety... 

We started off with "The Rollick", our outdoor playpen that achieved unexpected success in the market for more than 2 years to come, due to its flexibility, and high impact foundation which allows for more room to go around in than traditional playpens. Then based on the various input from our clients we developed "The Homeplus", "The Instant" and also "The Aster" all catering to different client needs. By joining our little FXW family, and with your invaluable input on what to develop next, we feel confident and supported to continue doing what we are doing for the next foreseeable future.

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Sven Long

Life is a journey, and it's always wonderful to have companions.
We are glad that you have these fluffy friends, and we are also very gratified because we have you.


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