How to Stop Puppy from Crying in Crate and Why Dog Playpen is the Better Alternative

How to Stop Puppy from Crying in Crate and Why Dog Playpen is the Better Alternative

Being dog owners, we often find ourselves facing the challenge of our puppy crying in crate or puppy screaming in crate for hours. This article takes a deep dive into the reasons behind puppy crying in crate, explores the limitations of traditional dog crates, introduces the concept of dog playpen, and gives a closer look at why dog fencing might just be the ideal choice.

1. Unpacking the Reasons Behind Puppy Crying in Crate:

Separation Anxiety: Being left alone in a crate can trigger separation anxiety, which make puppy whining in crate, puppy crying in crate, or make puppy barking in crate.

Difficulty Adapting to New Environments: Especially when introduced to a new environment shortly after leaving their mother and littermates, puppies may feel insecure and lonely, leading to bouts of crying.

Basic Physiological Needs: Puppy crying in crate can stem from unmet basic needs like elimination and feeding, challenging to fulfill within the confines of a crate.

Craving Stimulation and Activity: Puppies are naturally curious and full of energy. Being restricted in a crate limits their ability to explore and play, causing unease.

puppy crying in crate

2. Why Traditional Dog Crates Fall Short

Anxiety: With limited space, dog crates make puppies feel crowded, increase anxiety, and make puppy crying in crate. Some dog owners try to use 42 inch dog crate too, but they still just offer a small space for big dogs.

Restriction: Dog crates stop puppies from running, jumping, and exploring, potentially impacting their physical and mental well-being. It can make puppy peeing in crate also.

Lack of Social Interaction: Puppies, need interaction with both humans and other dogs. Dog crates limit these social opportunities, leading to loneliness and potential behavioral issues.

Fear and Stress: Should I lock my puppy in his crate at night? For some puppies, they can't adapt or escape potential threats, resulting in anxious behaviors.

3. Introducing the Game-Changer: Dog Playpen

Spaciousness: FXW dog playpen offers flexibility and ample space, a stark contrast to traditional dog crates. It provides the freedom for puppies to move around.

Supporting Natural Behaviors: Unlike dog crates, dog playpen allows puppies to express more natural behaviors, including eating, running, and playing, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

Meet Physiological Needs: The design of dog fencing enables puppies to fulfill their physiological needs freely, including eating and elimination, lowering the likelihood of anxiety-induced crying.

Facilitating Social Opportunities: Dog fencing opens up more social opportunities, allowing puppies to interact with their owners and share space with other pets, reducing feelings of isolation.

4. How Dog Playpen Resolves Dog Crying Challenges

Security: Dog fence, offering sufficient space and a natural environment, helps alleviate separation anxiety in puppies, making them feel more secure.

Social Opportunities: Dog playpen opens up more social opportunities, allowing puppies to interact with their owners and share space with other pets, reducing feelings of isolation. This is something that crates can't offer for dogs.

Focus on Key Factors in Training: Emphasizing attentiveness to the puppy's emotional state during training, adjusting the training plan based on feedback, ensures a smoother transition.

Positive Reinforcement Training Methods: Positive reinforcement, such as rewards and praise, helps build a positive association between puppies and the fencing, reducing crying behaviors.

5. Steps to Familiarize Your Puppy with a Dog Pen

Gradual Increase Time: Start the training process by gradually increasing the time your puppy spends in the dog fence, expanding the range, helping the puppy acclimate to the new environment.

Create a Pleasant Space: Use the dog playpen with toys, comfortable and chewproof dog beds, and some treats that your puppy enjoys. This aids in fostering a positive perception of the pen.

Patience: Training requires patience and consistency. Allow your puppy time to adjust and maintain a consistent approach to build trust in the dog pen.

Utilize Positive Reinforcement: Promptly reward and praise your puppy when exhibiting positive behavior within the dog pen. Positive reinforcement encourages desirable behavior and expedites the adaptation process.

puppy crying in crate

6. What's More on Dog Playpens

Flexibility: Portable dog fences like FXW dog playpens, they have flexibility allows them to be used indoors and outdoors, providing puppies with more activity options.

Safety and Structural Design: The design of FXW dog playpens prioritizes safety, ensuring a sturdy and durable structure.

Support for Natural Behaviors: Compared to a dog crate, dog fencing better supports a puppy's natural behaviors. It permits eating, running, and playing, contributing to the maintenance of physical and mental health, and reducing anxiety levels.

Social Opportunities and Interaction: FXW dog playpen encourages socialization, offering both human interaction and the chance for puppies to share space with other pets. This promotes the development of social skills.

fxw dog playpen

7. Introducing FXW Dog Playpen

Portable & Flexible: With portable use design, FXW dog playpens include indoor dog playpens and outdoor dog fences. You can easily offer a wilder space for puppies in daily life.

Durability: FXW dog playpen are made of heavy duty material with stakes. Using stakes between fence panels can keep the dog playpen stay sturdy or expand the fence area easily while using it for big dogs


If you would like know why puppy crying in crate, understanding your puppy's needs is key. From deciphering their cries to finding a solution, dog fencing emerges as an ideal alternative. It goes beyond containment, providing a space for natural behaviors and social interactions. Introducing a puppy to a dog pen involves patience and positive reinforcement, fostering a strong bond.

Revisiting the benefits underscores dog fencing's flexibility, safety, and support for natural behaviors. The FXW Dog Playpen exemplifies durability and user-friendly design. It's more than a product; it's an invitation to enhance your puppy's world. In this journey, where joy knows no bounds, step into a world where freedom and security redefine puppy care.

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