Why a Dog Pen is a Must-Have for Puppies

Why a Dog Pen is a Must-Have for Puppies

A  playpen  isn't just a handy gadget for puppy parents; it's a lifesaver for keeping your little furball safe and sound. It gives your pup a safe space to explore and play without getting into trouble. Find out why getting a playpen is one of the best decisions you can make for your new puppy's happiness and health.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of a Dog Pen for Puppies

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Offers Security and Safety

A dog pen provides unparalleled safety and security for your pet. Once accustomed to the pen, your puppy will stay put even if the door is open, preventing them from wandering into dangerous areas. Unattended pups can get into trouble by chewing on hazardous items like chocolates, medicines, or cleaning products. They might also indulge in destructive behavior, ruining furniture and shoes. A dog pen  keeps them safely contained while you attend to household tasks, making it the safest place for your puppy. High-quality dog pens are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Allows Freedom for the Dog

A dog pen is perfect for long-term containment needs. It offers a separate potty area, crucial for puppies who can't hold their bladders for long, making it an effective potty training tool. The pen also includes a designated resting area, usually the crate, and ample play space to keep your pup entertained. Additionally, it provides access to water in a no-spill container. With proper training, your puppy will grow accustomed to the pen and stay there comfortably for extended periods.

Helps to Deal with Separation Anxiety

A dog pen helps your puppy learn to cope with being separated from you, reducing anxiety. As your dog becomes comfortable with the pen, it will be easier for you to leave home for work without worrying about destructive behavior. A well-trained dog will refrain from such activities, giving you peace of mind.

Easy to Move Around

Dog pens  are portable, making it easy to use the pen for vet visits or travel. Trained dogs remain calm and composed in their pen, making these trips stress-free for both you and your pet.

Key Guidelines for Setting up a Dog Pen

Setting up your dog pen correctly is crucial. When shopping for a dog pen, make sure to choose a size that fits your space and your puppy’s needs. Place the pen in a quiet corner of the room to minimize distractions. Ensure it is sturdy and properly assembled to avoid any risk of collapse. A non-slip, washable training pee pad not only protects your floors but also shields your puppy's paws from the hard surface.

How long is too long inside the dog pen ? It depends. Some owners mistakenly believe that since the dog pen has a potty space, they can keep their pets confined in them for long durations. Please promise me, don't do this! In reality, you should divide pen time and free time in such a way that the dog is accustomed to the situation without developing behavioral issues. At the most, you should allow for a break after six hours of confinement.

Many owners want to know whether they can leave their dogs overnight inside the pens. While this is not recommended in the beginning, yet with proper training you can be confident of leaving them inside overnight. However, you should be aware to release them early in the morning to get their exercises.

Be sure to remove your dog's collar to avoid the risk of the dog getting caught on a fence, which can lead to choking or more serious situations.

Moreover, using a dog pen isn't a one-time solution. It's an incredibly useful tool, but the primary responsibility still lies with you, the dog owner. You need to provide constant attention and care to ensure your puppy's safety and well-being. A playpen can help, but it's your commitment and vigilance that truly make a difference.

Two people is setting the dog pen

Useful Training Tips for Dog Pen Use

The key to helping your pup acclimatize with the dog pen is to train them gradually. You will have to depend on treats and toys to train them to be familiar with the new surroundings. Start with small durations and as the pup becomes comfortable, you can extend the time. Follow this step-by-step guide for training your dog:

Step 1: Fetch your doggo’s favorite treats and position yourself near the dog pen. 

Step 2: Drop a few treats inside the dog pen so that your pet is happy to move inside. 

Step 3: When they are inside, continue dropping the treats, but only when your dog is not looking. This is to ensure that the pet is focused more on the pen rather than on you. 

Step 4: If your pet is struggling, try to keep the treats at the doorway first. When he is comfortable with it, try dropping the treats a little further. 

Step 5: Be patient if your dog is reluctant and has separation anxiety. Wait until he returns by himself. Reinforce this habit by practicing it at different times of the day. 

Expert Opinions and Owner Feedback on Successful Dog Pen Use

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These tips are backed by expert advice. For instance,  Cathy Madsona veterinarian and dog owner, shares her experience with using a  playpen:

"A playpen can effectively train puppies to be comfortable in confinement, making them less anxious and more disciplined.Here are a few pro tips derived from the case study to help you with the training process."

  1. In the beginning, it is usual for the puppy to bark and whine when you keep them in the dog pen. However, if you let them out immediately, they develop a wrong habit. Instead, you should wait until your pup has stopped barking to let him out.
  2. Always keep work-to-eat toys and chew toys inside the playpen. This helps the pup to deal with boredom and stay busy.
  3. The best idea is to get your pup to have some exercise before you put him inside the dog pen A tired pup is less likely to bark or whine, as he would want to settle down for a long nap.
  4. Set up a puppy monitor to practice keeping your pup unsupervised.
  5. Set up a room freshener or a pheromone diffuser in the same room. This helps the dog to relax.

Must Have Products For Puppyies


While a crate seems to be convenient to you because of its smaller size, it can   be inconvenient for the pup. A dog pen  stands out to be a better choice over a crate in several aspects. Primarily, a dog pen allows for more freedom for the dog within a safe and controlled environment. There’s ample space for moving around, stretching, and sleeping comfortably. You can also get a dog pen attached together. Many owners increasingly prefer a dog pen.

It’s also a useful utility for potty training. A puppy in dog pen eventually grows up to be a disciplined, well-mannered adult dog. While a dog pen is mainly good for indoor use, you can use a  dog pen  for the outdoors as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size playpen is best for my dog?

Follow these rules of the thumb while setting up the dog pen.

  • Sufficient space for the dog to relax, even when it is stretching its body
  • Sufficient place for the dog to stand up and wag its tail
  • Access to water should be within one meter from the dog
  • There should be ample space for the potty area and the pee pad 

How can I make the playpen more appealing to my dog?

Follow these tips to make the pen more appealing.

  • Keep toys and treats inside the pen
  • Keep a sleeping blanket inside the dog pen 

What are the signs that my dog isn't doing well in a dog pen?

Look out for these signs to deal with canine depression.

  • Sudden onset of fatigue
  • Tendency to hide
  • Change in appetite
  • Constant whining
  • Lack of interest in normal activities 

Can dog pen be used for training older dogs, or just puppies?

With proper training, a dog pen can also benefit an older dog. Outdoor dog pens are more useful for older pets. 

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